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Our backpack factories are located right in the middle of the Pearl River Delta , in Guangdong Province.

The light industrial heartland of China From sketch origination to the production line, backpacks can only be truly perfected by experience and expertise, strong technical skills, and a real sense of design.

That’s the reason why, when it comes to mass production of your product, it is essential to have the design and manufacture performed by a truly professional company.

Only then can you place your orders safely and confidently, with the security of knowing there will be no rejects, delays or disputes.

We are very protective of our reputation in this industry and we understand how important quality standards are. We always work closely with our customers, keep daily contact with them, and always make sure we follow their instructions and recommendations absolutely.

We are mainly specialized in backpacks, but we also manufacture, kids and school backpacks, mountain backpacks, bike backpacks, laptop backpacks & bags, roll top backpacks, duffle bags, sports bags, dry bags, ladies bags, hand bags and tote bags.

Our normal DAILY Output : 2500 to 3500pcs.

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