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Our GRIDBEATER F3 Solar Folding Panels are a great way to generate power and collect free energy from the sun.

Clean, Free, Renewable Energy Even In The Most Remote Areas

The GRIDBEATER Solar Folding Panels can be easily fitted to any kind of camping or disaster relief tent
Available in a range of sizes to best suit the users needs in a range of scenarios

Within few minutes on any kind of camping tents or UN Tents.

They are built with  monocrystalline high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells.

With only 1 Folding Solar Panel + 1 Power station you can recharge up to 2 mobile phones + 1 laptop at the same time, and use a LED lighting system for the tent’s interior !

  Mobile Phones x 2pcs

LED Light system x 1pc

Laptop x 1pc

1 Set of F3 suitcase Panel includes :

1. Lightweight Suitcase Panel : 2 kg/et 120W / Dimensions : 548x1234x12mm
2. Power : 120W (3x40W), 18V which is better for 12v battery.
3. Solar cell : Sunpower 24.4% Efficiency
4. Set of Ropes + Cable 5. Warranty : 2 years!

Minimum Ordering Qties : 50 Sets/ order