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WATERWAY INDUSTRIAL Ltd offers photovoltaic modules dedicated in the 12volt off-grid, RV, Marine, and the Leisure market.
Here is our TF Series- new semi-flexible solar panel for RV and Marine market.
TF Series, built with either monocrystalline or high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells.
Its features include:
1.Lightweight: 2 kg/pcs of 110W, 3.5kg/m2
2.Bending angle: 50°
3.Solar cell: Sunpower 24.4% Efficiency
4.Thickness: 2mm
5.Warranty: 5 years! Lifespan: 20 years!
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The flexible solar panel uses a new polymer composite and ETFE material. It makes the solar panel ultra-thin and ultra-light and also enhances impact resistance. The solar panel is anti-corrosion and has strong anti-UV performance. You can use it in a variety of environments without affecting the product’s ability to absorb sunlight.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our photovoltaic modules.